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Invest In Your Business With the R&D Tax Credit

  • August 9, 2019
In the current economic climate, it’s still surprising that more businesses don’t explore all of the tax incentives available to help lighten the financial burden by reducing a company’s tax liability or in certain cases, offsetting payroll taxes.

ABGi USA provides R&D Tax Credit assistance for US businesses. ABGi USA has a proven track record of making successful R&D Tax Credit claims. They know what to claim, how to claim it, and, perhaps most importantly, the many pitfalls to avoid.


The R&D Tax Credit is one of the government’s most generous incentives for rewarding a company’s innovation efforts.

The principle is very straightforward and is a win–win scenario for the US economy and eligible companies. If the government can make it easier for companies to invest in innovation, then it is more likely that these companies will undertake innovative projects to benefit their business growth and contribute to the economy’s future success and standing.

The good news is that since its launch, the benefits of the R&D Tax Credit have increased significantly, so there has never been a better time to make a claim.

   How can your business benefit?

The R&D Tax Credit applies to both profitable companies paying taxes and companies not paying taxes due to losses. These companies can claim eligible activities. The credit can be received as a reduction in tax liability or, in some cases, as a reduction in payroll taxes. Additionally, unused credits can be carried forward for up to 20 years.

   Does your business qualify?

The R&D Tax Credit can be confusing, which is likely why so many companies fail to recognize their eligibility for tax relief. The R&D Tax Credit was created to benefit companies striving to achieve technical and scientific advances through projects that expand their knowledge, where uncertainty in the outcome exists and the methods used to achieve success are not readily deducible.

The simplest way to find out whether you may be eligible to claim is by asking yourself some of the following questions:

    • Have we developed new products, processes, or software?
    • Have we tried to improve our existing products through technical changes?
    • At the start of a project, did we ever think, ‘I’m not sure of the best way to do this’?

   How can you make a claim?

The key to achieving the best results is working with a specialized R&D Tax Credit advisory firm such as ABGi USA, which speaks the language of the IRS and understands your business operations. This collaboration ensures you receive the biggest return for the least possible effort.

ABGi USA can help

ABGi USA employs a large team of scientists, engineers, and lawyers across all sectors. Our technical and legal analysts are industry experts who are equally knowledgeable when it comes to the extensive body of legislation that supports the credit. If you have eligibility, no one is better equipped to find it for you. Since our inception in 1985, ABGi USA has realized over $1 billion in benefits for our clients. Currently, we are submitting an average of 1,500 claims per year to the IRS.

For a free R&D Tax Credit consultation and analysis of the potential returns you might expect, contact us.

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